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Hand Your Server The Best TIP Ever!

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Hand Your Server the Best TIP Ever!
by Michael Kogus

I was thinking, how we can reach more people without spending a lot of money and time.

We are all going out to eat and luckily enough, Ron Paul just sponsored a bill that would eliminate income tax from tips.

Well, what could then be easier but just to leave a handout in your bill? Your waiter has no chance but to pick it and at least glance at it. This is a perfect opportunity to expose many new people to Ron Paul and his ideas.

Just speaking conservatively if just the 50,000 members of went out to eat two times per week, then in the remaining three months, we would distribute this message to 1,200,000 people. Wouldn’t you think that it is likely that some of them will share this message with their coworkers, friends and family members? Just imagine the how many people could join Ron Paul movement!

Click the image below to download a PDF file so you can print these and hand them to your waiter or waitress next time you eat out.


October 14, 2007 Permalink

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